Learning Schools

It is a practice leading “learning to learn” via teamwork to raise individuals who have strong communication skills, positive point of view, competence in problem solving and time management skills to get them prepared for life.

Studies Directed at the National Exam for 8th Graders (TEOG)

The national exam for 8th graders is administered for six basic branches (Mathematics, Science and Technology, Turkish, English, Social Sciences and Religion and Ethics) twice a year. Its dates and contents are determined and announced by the Ministry of National Education. Each course has a different coefficient and, in the calculation of the points students get, students' report marks in 6th, 7th and 8th grade are also taken into consideration. Students are placed in high schools according to these final points.

Intensive studies directed at for this exam in the middle school enhances the students' academic achievement level. Assessment meetings of practice exams are held after every exam. The practice exams are analyzed and the analyses are displayed on K12NET Student Information System. The students are backed up for the topics for which they need help by expert teachers with extra studies.

We are conscious of the importance of psychological support as well as the academic one. Hence, the Guidance and Counselling Service performs supportive individual follow-up activities to enhance our students’ academic achievement. Within this scope, the following seminar and group activities are conducted:

- the Examination System,

- Effective Study Methods,

- Time Management,

- Motivation and

- Exam Anxiety.

Also, guidance service about placement in high school is provided to our students.

Multiple Intelligence Practices and Student-Centered Education

Having been implementing multiple intelligence teaching methods on the basis of which are group activities, individual teaching approaches and project-based learning, our school is one of the first schools to appropriate multiple intelligence and student-centered educational approach and have been practicing it successfully.

Project-based Learning

With the belief that real learning is possible by activating all senses, all the curricula are structured in line with learning by doing and project-baed education. 

Active Learning

Active learning is a form of learning in which students are encouraged to take the responsibility for and the management of learning individually and use their mental capabilities. It takes an individual’s abilities and skills into account, offers multiple learning and assessment opportunities and chance to gain learning experiences.