There are four security gates at our school: Entry Gate for Service Buses and Protocol (Gate 1), Entry Gate for Parents and Students (Gate 2) and Abdulkadir Konukoğlu Sports and Cultural Center Entry Gate (Gate 3). Our parents and students use Gate 2 to enter Sanko Private Schools. The parents’ vehicles are not taken inside the school for our students’ life securities. 15 security officers serve for 24 hours in 3 shifts.

Both inside and outside of the school are made secure with security cameras and an alarm system. Upon entering the school, the visitors have to leave their identity cards and get a visitor card.  A security officer may accompany visitors until where the visitor meets whom they have an interview with. No parents or students enter the school after 19:00.Those who want to enter the building between 18.00-19.00 are directed to the building accompanied by the cleaners’ chief or a security officer. The kindergarten, primary, middle and high school students’ entries to school differ.

The students can come to school ...

     - by the service buses,

     - by the parents’ own cars (a free entry card is provided upon the approval of school administration)

     - on foot (a free entry card is provided upon the approval of school administration. However, should a student live around the school neighborhood, s/he can go outside during the lunchtime) or

     - with a chauffeur (such details as the chauffeur’s ID card and plate number have to be submitted to the administration).

How a student comes to school has to be declared to the school administration at the beginning of the academic year. A ring bus serves the kindergarten students coming to school without using a service at Security Gate 2. until the kindergarten building.