Cultural Center

Costume Room

There is an archive for all costumes in the Costume Room including all the costumes and accessories that  Sanko Private Schools students can use in their dramas, project presentations, janissary band, ballet, dance, modern dance and Turkish folk dance performances.

Steam Room - Infirmary

Men and Women Backstages

Lounge Coat Rack - Cocktail Corner

Conference Hall – Theatre

There is a 638-person Conference Hall – Theatre where dramas, presentations and projects are performed.

Swimming Pools and Cafeteria


Dressing Rooms and Showers

Sports Hall

Sanko Private Schools has a 1,000-spectator hall where any kind of hall sports could be performed. The hall is the third biggest in Turkey to have the same qualities as those used by the professional teams.


Abdulkadir Konukoğlu Sports and Cultural Center serves with its sports hall, big and small swimming pool and conference hall-theater, sauna, infirmary and costume room for social, sports and activities. Moreover, there is a pitch and open sports field (tartan field).