General Manager



If the most important richness a qualified person is expected to have at this information age is knowledge matching the necessities of the era, the provision and continuity of education for youth with this knowledge is undeniable.

Having understood and taught the vitality of education for a nation’s life, our great leader, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, showed securing our full independence without being dependent upon or in need of any country or group all over the world with our national values, pride and stance as the most important goal. It is also undoubtful that we are supposed to be a country having modern knowledge, thinking, exploring and producing technology and, thus, gain our financial independence.

Sanko Private Schools students make us feel proud of their achievements every day on the way to becoming an individual mastering technology and contemplating in such a way.

Scientific studies are conducted, projects are produced in the laboratories of Sanko Private Schools that are not present at most universities and institutions of education and research in Turkey, and so, it is ensured that youth explore and understand the technological innovations of the age and then, based on this basic information, gain inquisitive and formative thinking to maintain technological competition.

I firmly believe that our students having modern knowledge, science, technology and repertoire of thoughts will keep national and spiritual values that we appropriate every day, will be principled and perform their tasks effectively at the highest level whatever their professions are, will contribute to our country, Republic and humanity, and thus will achieve their goals.

Sanko Schools will keep being remembered with its contributions to Turkey and news of success developing farther with its peaceful climate of education full of love and respect, with its outstanding students first of all, with its valued teachers in an effort to bring up qualified individuals, with its staff supporting academic studies and with its devoted parents aware of the value education will add to their children as in all other institutions of the Sanko Family

General Manager