Our Founder

Dear youth,
We are altogether proud to have left behind academic years full of achievements. It gives us great pleasure to update our goals before every academic year thanks to your successes.

Dear youth who are the reason for being of Sanko Schools; You are invaluable for us and our country as much as your family. Since when your families trusted us for your getting better educated, you have been values who are respectful and irreplaceable. Your excitement, presence and achievements in every platform make us become more hopeful for the future.

We have spared no sacrifice for you who are the future of Turkey and will never do so. We are planting the Sanko flag on the tower of the education castle with our kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and high schools. I believe that the youngsters whom we prepare for life at our schools which function as the laboratory of the educational system will be among the vital staff of our country focusing on the 2023 goal which is the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey.

Our Science and Technology High School is an education center doing credit not only for Sanko but also Turkey. The physical facilities are a source of honor for us, your teachers, administrators and administrative personnel who regard you as privileged members of our family as well as your family. You have converted our school into a family environment. We enjoy ourselves with your talking, your happiness accompanied by your laughter; your hope reflected to us with the consciousness of responsibility and achievements of each of you.

Dear youth,
We regard it to be a duty of ours to be tight as a tick with those leaving us for university education with the aim of having a share in the future of our country and be with them when necessary. The graduates are an inseparable part of the SANKO family.

I herewith thank and congratulate first your families who consign us you whom they care a lot; the Advisory Board and its members who contribute to you for your current achievements by working day and night and who are involved in researching and analyzing for 365 days of the year for your success; administrators, teachers and fellows working as the administrative staff in the person of the General Director. I wish you a healthy and happy future altogether.
Yours affectionately,

Sanko Holding Administrative Board Vice-President
Sanko Private Schools Founder Representative