The transportation of the students to campus is provided by ANKO Corporation. The service is carried out in line with the applicable legislation and signed by the school and the provider firm. There is another contract between the parents and the provider about using the service buses. Accordingly,

The students enter and exit school in the areas allocated for the service buses. The service buses get and leave the students at the address stated in the contract.

No daily service bus route change is made. However, in obligatory cases, the route change demand is met within the vice-principal’s knowledge.

Assistant teachers accompany the kindergarten and primary school students during their transportation. The parents turn over and get the students from these assistant teachers. In case of not using the service bus in the morning for any reason, the service bus driver should be informed 30 minutes earlier.

The students should be ready two minutes earlier than the service buses’ arrival time to ensure that all the students arrive school on time.
It is a legal obligation that the students fasten their seat-belts upon getting on the bus.

The transportation fee is legally determined by the provincial transportation center (UKOME) commission. There is a discount for siblings.