Students' Acquisitions

Express Themselves

They learn to express their emotions, desires and opinion and improve their communication skills by interacting with their peers and adults.

Improve Self-Confidence

They gain self-confidence through the activities aimed at getting to know themselves, perceiving their emotions, opinions and capabilities and being in an effort to improve the aspects open to be enhanced in a peaceful manner.

Improve Self-Care and Self-Control

They gain the skills of dressing on their own, regular sleep pattern, healthy eating habits, self-control and self-care directed at expressing their emotions.

Gain Social Communication Skill

They gain the skills of making positive friendships, setting and leading games, sharing, helping, acting as a group and coping with the cases of winning or losing.

Gain Problem Solving Skill

They learn to find proper solutions for the problems they encounter, be supportive when needed and benefit from resources.

Learning Sharing and Solidarity

They learn an awareness of collaboration in cooperative learning activities and teamwork and notice the importance of being a team.

Improve Thinking and Linguistic Skills

They improve their mental and linguistics skills such as making cause and effect relationships in incidents, thinking through oral and mathematical concepts, attention and focusing.

Getting Ready for Primary School and Literacy

The students gain a sound basis reqiured for the academic process in primary school, improving their fine and big motor skills.