Activities Directed at Skills

Opportunities are provided to students to discover their own skills and have their first art-sports experience in specially-designed classrooms. The teachers observe the areas the students have better abilities in those courses and guide the students to sports-art activities in line with their abilities starting from Grade 1.


Swimming is a very crucial activity enabling students' physical development to have a sound basis. The first graders at our school know water and underwater, have self-confidence in water and get ready to learn the details of swimming thanks to the swimming lessons performed in an enjoyable setting.

Physical Education

In the Physical Education lessons at pre-school education at our school, a coordianation-based curriculum including activities directed at improving fine and big muscle groups. The students acquire basic skills through feeling self-confidence, acting in a group with harmony, gymnastics and ball exercises.

Visual Arts

In the arts lessons which improve imagination and fine motor skills, the students gain opportunities of converting their observation into visual expression language drawing with pastel and water color paint, chalks, ballpoint pens or pencils and painting with brushes, fingers or feet using a variety of tools such as clay, mud, ceramics, etc.

Creative Drama

The course includes activities like warm-up, pantomime, dramatization, improvisation and creating stories. The drama activity enables our students to improve their verbal-linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences and enhances their creative thinking skills.


Dance activities improve students' bodily-kinesthetic, musical and rhythmic intelligences. They enable students to gain the ability of balance and learn physical movements easily. It helps students gain the skill to stand in balance and facilitates our students’ learning physical movements. It is an enjoyable activity carried out to support psychomotor development, socialization and self-confidence.


Having the children love the Chess game is one of the most significant goals as it improves intelligence and abilities to reason, decide, use time effectively, and make guesses. The students learn how to play chess through computer games and activities in the specially-designed Chess Room.

Orff and Music

The aim of the Music Course is to have children or people love music, improve their imagination and help them improve their musical abilities. It is necessary to introduce music in games and enable them to use various musical instruments to draw kids’ attention. Accordingly, music teaching is organized on the basis of “Orff”.