Message from the Principal



As Sanko Private Primary School, we are a school working with all our strength to raise powerful, successful and happy kids who are ready for life.

We are conscious of how vital pre-school and primary school period in which our kids gain basic habits is. And, that’s why we stick to our job sincerely and wholeheartedly

We continuously research and improve ourselves to have our students gain knowledge and skills necessitated by the 21st century such as teamwork, adaptation skill, entrepreneurship, creativity and being versatile that will support them to create their own future.

In addition to our academic studies making up a great part of our programs, we aim at our students’ feeling responsibility and sensitivity towards their environment through our social responsibility projects at every level. Then, having set off with the goal to raise “whole person”, we create opportunities to bring up our students in social, sports and artistic fields.

In our swiftly-changing world and at rapidly-developing technological era, showing the true path is one of our crucial objectives to lay the groundwork for them to be successful and delighted.

In line with the requirements of our era, we manage the instructional process with realistic approaches. It is our priority to create settings in which they acquire real life experiences without having them become detached from real life because we know that school is the rehearsal of real life.

Becoming aware of the changes in their development while they are growing up, it is vital to discover their strengths and backing up them in the fields to be improved on the right time. For that reason, our cooperation with our parents during which we share our objective feedback, observation and suggestions about our kids is essential and very crucial for us.

We are conscious of the fact that educational process is as important as the results for us. Those that we will have our students acquire will get them to the best positions they can get in their lives.

It is our greatest pride to bring up our kids to whom we will commend the Republic committed to Ataturk’s principles and reforms.

We are a school of “Kid Lovers” feeling happiness for paving ways for kids with our teaching staff who are aware of the necessity of professional development and so follow the latest developments and improve themselves in the light of science. Doing our jobs passionately is our greatest strength.

It is also our greatest pride to monitor the process they cover with all the facilities we provide to them and bid farewell to them and equipment under the umbrella of a powerful brand.




Sanko Private Primary School Principal