Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Curricula

Serving with its Pre-Kindergarten Groups (48-60 months) and Preparatory Groups (60-72 months), Sanko Private Schools implements a unique academic schedule devised  in line with our institution’s mission and vision..

Our curriculum aims at having our kids peak in five developmental areas (cognitive, emotional, social, psychomotor and language). Besides, it is a multi-dimensional program having supportive and preventive dimensions.

In this curriculum, a synthesis has been made making use of child-centered practices in various learning theories and models (High Scope, Montessori, Reggio Emilia) to bring a up an individual needed in the 21st century.

Kids learn through games and get to know themselves and the world they live in. They can express themselves best and gain critical thinking skills during games. Games are kids’ language, in other words, game is kids’ stuff. For this reason, kids’ active involvement in games and learning by doing is essential in the game-centered activities.

It is ensured that kids take part in the learning process actively, transfer what they learn to different contexts and use them in new contexts.

At Sanko Private Schools Kindergarten, children’s development in various fields is regarded as a whole. The educational settings we form using rich materials meet our era’s educational requirements in terms of quality. From the point of the fact that kids are independent and different individuals, educational objectives are set in group dynamism, their needs are satisfied and it its ensured that they gain knowledge and skills necessitated by social life.