Foreign Languages Education


As Sanko Private Schools has proven itself in getting up with continuously-changing world, we keep being an institution shaping education and thus future.

Learning outcomes have been determined from KG to the end of high school period based on the age group and measurement and evaluation procedures have been specified accordingly. This system is not only result-oriented but also provides an infrastructure monitoring the process and solutions when needed.

It is well-known that fairy tales and stories bear great significant in kids’ world. Fairy tales and stories are the best way express everything wanted to be taught to kids in an indirect way. Moreover, they play a great role in kids’ developing skills directed at learning and expressing.

From this point of view, a 4-hour Language Acquisition Program in which  fairy tales are made use of is implemented except for the 6-hour Listening and Speaking-centered main courses at our kindergarten, which is our starting point in teaching English.

Lessons are conducted through activities in which songs, games, visual, auditory and kinesthetic materials are used. Recalling technique is employed in the lessons in which music and rhythm are used.

Values education is also offered through the fairy tales in the practices and such studies as character analysis is made in accordance with the age groups.

Extra-curricular social activities are also organized. Our aim is to ensure that the concepts and language taught in the lessons in different settings (i.e. to complete the track according to the instructions, memory games, association activities).


Culture Days

“Culture Days” is organized at the end of year to introduce the cultures of the three languages taught at our school (English, German and Spanish) and ensure that they are used in different settings.


Culture Days Activities:

-       Poem Performances

-       Narration

-       Station Activities

-       Garden Games

-       Club Presentations

-       Drama shows

-       Chorus

-       Costume Fest