Toys Day

One day a week is determined as the Casual Dress and Game Day. On these days, children bring their toys to school to share with their friends on the Toys Day.

Trips and Observations

Trips are organized to parks, gardens, museums, libraries, exhibitions, theatres, etc. to learn about the neighborhood and community rules and observe the changes in nature onsite.

Drama Performances

Drama performances are made on the kindergarten stage with the participation of the students and teachers to emphasize the significance of special days and weeks.

Respect Week for Elderly People

The students invite their grandparents to our school and demonstrate surprise performances. They carry out some activities and play games with them.

Project Presentations

Projects are made about the topics chosen with the cooperation of the teachers and students once a year. Projects include songs, musical shows, dramas, poems, etc. The parents are invited to such activities as well.


Birthdays of the children who were born in the same month are celebrated at the end of every month

Cooking Ability Days

Children make cakes, salad, pickle and pastries in the kindergarten dining room under the guidance of their teachers once a month. The aim of this activity is to ensure that children can do some task alone, improve their manipulative skills and show how some food they eat is made.

100th Day

Days are counted starting from the first day of the school as a conceptual study to support children’s knowledge of numbers and colors and the numbers are posted on the notice boards. 100th Day is celebrated at an enjoyable party including games and competitions.