Adopting “the whole person” value, the Arts Department conducts its activities from KG to the end of high school in order to ensure that all the students benefit from all the branches of art. We want our students to learn each branch by experiencing it in our department, consisting of Music, Creative Drama, Fold Dances and Visual Arts. We also ensure that our students are guided in line with the scales used in all the branches of art.


Our OBJECTIVES are to have our students ...

- be engaged in one of the branches of art professionally.

- study process-based rather than the result-based.

- be guided in line with the scales.

- internalize the branches of art they are engaged in.

- become aware of world art culture.

- know the artists representing our country.

- appropriate their artist identities.

- take part in national and international art competitions.

- read and interpret books, articles, etc. about branches of art.

- perform in front of community.

- develop an intellectual point of view.



 Considering that process is very crucial in branches of art, our students are monitored individually and different instruments are taught in Music.


Individual Musical Instrument Courses:

- Baglama

- Guitar

- Flute

- Violin

- Piano

- Qanun

- Clarinet

- Saxophone

- Trumpet

- Trombone

- Tuba

- Drum



The Department of Physical Education sets sight on students’ physical, mental and emotional development through its activities. It seeks our students’ acquisition of social, emotional manners and behaviors in addition to sports skills development. The students are introduced various branches and sports rules and skills are taught to ensure their development and to turn sports into lifestyle. Our students grasp the relationship of sports activities with health while doing sports and having good time at the same time.

Among the target behaviors are training in cooperation, solidarity and taking responsibility, obeying the leader and leading, playing friendly, struggling, celebrating the winner, admitting loss, using and protecting school materials and adopting the manners and behaviors necessitated by democratic life.

Apart from the PE courses held two hours per week, club activities for table tennis, swimming, basketball, athletics, football, court tennis and volleyball are led by expert PE teachers and trainers.

The students with special talent are chosen to the school teams after the ability survey implemented by the PE teachers and expert academicians.

This Talent Survey is conducted in two main parts: General sports talent and special sports talent.

In General Sports Talent Tests, basic motor qualities (power, speed, durability, coordination, flexibility) measurement and grading are performed.

Special Sports Talent Tests are a system in which basketball, swimming, volleyball, court tennis and table tennis criteria and qualities are graded.

The Talent Selection Committee is a big commission in which 12 PE teachers and academicians are included.


Our OBJECTIVE is to raise individuals who …

- pay attention to teamwork, solidarity, sharing, socialization and sense of responsibility,

- celebrate the winner and admit loss,

- use time effectively,

- have improved mental durability and self-confidence,

- find creative solutions for sudden decisions,

- are aware of maintaining their bodies healthy and fit through exercises,

- comprehend the significance of balanced diet to become healthy individuals and

- can practice first-aid information



- Training for sports branches accompanied by expert trainers and teachers every day .

- Social activity clubs.

- Skiing camps, athlete development camp, summer camp and camp training held every year.

- Our own sports team’s activities in addition to the school teams.

- Seminars about nutrition and physical activities.

- Sports activities for lifelong sports and health.

- Raising athletes chosen consciously through scientific measurement rather than random success thanks to the talent selection.

- Branch training and rotations in the PE and sports courses.

- Individual training.

- Detecting our students’ weakness, getting feedback, taking precautions and exercising.



- Basketball Club

- Football Club

- Swimming Club

- Table Tennis Club

- Volleyball Club



- To have individuals socialize.

- To ensure that individuals act altogether and in accord.

- To ensure individuals’ social and emotional development.

- To arouse the consciousness of positive effect of sports activities on academic achievement.

- To have the individuals adopt the ability to exercise which protects and improves health.



To ensure the students’ thinking fast.

To improve the students’ ability to decide correctly and fast.
To enhance the students’ quality of life.

To have the students relax and feel vigorous.




- To have individuals gain calmness.

- To enhance brain and muscle coordination.

- To have individual relax psychologically after intensive school period.

- To enhance flexibility and the whole muscle power.

- To organize the individuals’ mental motivation processes for their academic life through spiritual imagery.



- To teach how to act as a group thanks to teamwork.

- To enhance overall durability.

- To develop stress management and ability to cope with stress.

- To ensure the adoption of the habit of exercising for the circulatory system work more regularly.




- No element of violence and enhance kindness.

- Development of sense of cooperation.

- To teach how to use time effectively.

- To enhance the individuals’ sense of responsibility.

- To have the students gain static and dynamic balance skills for balanced body development.



- To develop the coordination of hands, arms and eyes.

- To bring reflexes closer to the light speed

- To enhance the students’ ability to think fast.

- To enhance the students’ ability to do tactics and make plans.

- To teach “never give up!”.

- To improve the power of distinction.




- To enhance the ability to decide alone as it an individual sports.

- To have the students gain balance.

- To empower muscles.

- To help get in shape and lose weight.

- To develop sense of tolerance and politeness.

- To gain the ability to think and decide fast.

- To enhance durability.

- To have the students do sports steadily.

- To have the students gain sports discipline and a vision of world.


Arts and Sports