Art Activities

Adopting “the whole person” value, the Arts Department conducts its activities from KG to the end of high school in order to ensure that all the students benefit from all the branches of art. We want our students to learn each branch by experiencing it in our department, consisting of Music, Creative Drama, Fold Dances and Visual Arts. We also ensure that our students are guided in line with the scales used in all the branches of art.


Our OBJECTIVES are to have our students 

- be engaged in one of the branches of art professionally.

- study process-based rather than the result-based.

- be guided in line with the scales.

- internalize the branches of art they are engaged in.

- become aware of world art culture.

- know the artists representing our country.

- appropriate their artist identities.

- take part in national and international art competitions.

- read and interpret books, articles, etc. about branches of art.

- perform in front of community.

- develop an intellectual point of view.



 Considering that process is very crucial in branches of art, our students are monitored individually and different instruments are taught in Music.


Individual Musical Instrument Courses:

- Baglama

- Guitar

- Flute

- Violin

- Piano

- Qanun

- Clarinet

- Saxophone

- Trumpet

- Trombone

- Tuba

- Drum





Arts and Sports