The students are provided the opportunity to put all the theoretical information into practice with social, sports and artistic activities. Mechatronics, Information Technologies, Robotics, Court Tennis, Debate, Drawing, Swimming, Dance, Volleyball, Badminton, Baglama, Guitar, Violin, Piano, Table Tennis, Music (Pop Rock Band - Chorus - Western Music Orchestra, Band), Football, Glass, the Mathematics Olympiads Club, Basketball, Drama (Turkish – English), Modern Dance,  the Entrepreneur Young Leaders Club (GİGLA), the Young Intellectuals Club, the Young Botanists Club, Philography, Folk Dances, the Billiard Club, the MUN Club, the Learning Schools Club, Press, Athleticism, Bocce, Drum, Flute are the activities held on the weekdays and weekends to which institutional significance is attached as an institution as they form the base of academic achievement.